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FCE & Work Conditioning

Functional Capacity Evaluations in Crystal Lake

Our physical therapist offer a variety of comprehensive programs for injured patients to help them recover quickly and safely. Once a patient has been injured, it is our goal to restore him/her to optimal function for safe and efficient job performance in a timely manner. We provide  detailed and timely reports and positive communication between health care providers, patients, and case managers. We assess the patient’s current functional abilities and gather information regarding his/ her job requirements.

Preventative Care Benefits:

  • Decreased turnover
  • Increased patient productivity
  • Safer work environment
  • Reductions in lost time
  • Diminished incidence of fraud and abuse



Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning is performed within the course of post injury therapy and contains a certain work task being performed as a part of the routine therapy treatment. An example would be a carpenter who has a shoulder injury and spends 10 minutes of his therapy treatment hammering over his head.

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