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Shoulders…we carry the weight of the world on them but don’t spend a lot of time trying to figure them out. Our shoulders are each incredibly complicated joint system. The positive aspect of this complexity is that your shoulders allow your body to undertake an amazing range of activities. However, shoulder issues can be hard to treat independently when a problem does occur.

Specifically, each one of your shoulders is made up of four joints forming a functional movement system of the upper arm.  Because of this interdependence, any problem with your shoulder often means trouble performing functions that require almost any kind of upper-body mobility.

What causes shoulder pain?

The causes of shoulder problems can stem from a sudden injury, a lifetime of poor posture, or conditions that weaken joint tissue. These conditions include various forms of arthritis and other inflammatory disorders.  Aggravating injuries include acute shoulder trauma and sustained or repetitive activity. At times, heart disease or gallbladder problems can also show up as “referred pain” in your shoulders.

What does physical therapy do to stop shoulder pain and stiffness?

A complete evaluation will verify exactly where the problem is, as well as its severity. Our physical therapist will work with you on a variety of exercises to bring pain-free mobility back to your shoulder. We will also integrate appropriate targeted manual therapy techniques and modalities such as ultrasound or electrical muscle stimulation to expedite your recovery.

For building strength, your physical therapy will probably involve some form of resistance training such as with free weights or, resistance bands.  Functional exercises will be integrated as your symptoms improve.

Ready to get started?

Whether you’re in need of post-surgical rehab or hoping to avoid surgery, our comprehensive treatment plan is designed to both target the various parts of your shoulder and to keep you motivated throughout the course of therapy.

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