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Why are feet and ankle pain problems so common?

Our feet bear the brunt of everything we do in our daily lives. They absorb the shock impact of all of the steps, stumbles and prolonged standing we do. And, of course, we often do this while wearing less than ideal footwear choices ranging from flip-flops to high heels.

In fact, the lower part of our body is such a complex interplay of bones, tendons and joints that it shouldn’t be a surprise when some sort of problem eventually shows up. You probably won’t be able to “outrun” some level of ankle pain or foot pain in your lifetime, whether you’re a sports junkie or a couch potato.

What types of conditions can be helped with physical therapy?

There are a significant number of conditions that can be assisted by rehabilitation involving balance and motor control training, stretching, resistance training, manual therapy, and modality use. Conditions include:

What happens in physical therapy?

We will evaluate what you will need to work on based on existing medical information and a thorough assessment. Our physical therapist will evaluate your gait pattern and movement strategies during functional tasks such as squatting and stair climbing.  Although our treatment strategy fully hinges upon what is noted during this comprehensive assessment, we will immediately begin addressing any noted biomechanical faults.  Beyond immediate home exercise instruction, we will progress your rehabilitation throughout the different stages of tissue healing for many foot and ankle conditions.

Are you ready to take the “first steps” toward making the rest of those steps pain-free?

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