Balance & Gait Disorders Crystal Lake, IL


How can physical therapy play a significant role in balance and gait disorders?

Bad falls are a constant worry for seniors and others who have physical challenges. And those worries aren’t unfounded. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths and serious health problems in the U.S.  Physical therapy can help you improve your balance and gait disorders to minimize the risk of falls.

What are the benefits of balance and gait training?

Balance and gait are inextricably linked – as your balance worsens, your body may adopt unusual gait mechanics as somewhat of a protective reaction. Unfortunately, this newly-adopted gait pattern can have unintended biomechanical consequences. Gait and balance training have a range of benefits, with avoiding injuries being at the top of the list. Beyond decreasing your fall risk, you’re also more likely to feel confident with your footing and able to increase your activity levels.

What does balance and gait training entail?

Our physical therapist will evaluate your gait, static and dynamic balance skills as well overall strength.  We will use standardized balance testing profiles to determine potential problems with strength and posture. We will then challenge your neuromuscular systems in a variety of ways and promote stabilization exercises for your trunk and lower extremities. These exercises will progress from simple to complex functional movement patterns.

Are you ready to “balance” your life again?

With our dedicated team of physical therapists behind you. You’ll regain confidence in navigating challenging terrain and resuming a more normal lifestyle. You may even be able to leave that cane or walker behind!

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